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What is the Former Use of the Site?
Many of the Severn Trent sites being brought forward for sale will have formerly been operational sites involved in either providing water or removing sewage and waste. The specific uses can be hugely varied, ranging from former reservoirs, to pumping stations to sewage works. Where the site has formerly been operational it will likely have had its operational equipment disconnected prior to sale. Severn Trent also have many agricultural and rural landholdings in their portfolio.


Can I access the property site for inspection?
Yes. Because of the nature of the sites we are selling you will be able to see most of them from a public road. We suggest you do that at the initial stages. Thereafter Carter Jonas will be very pleased to meet you on site and discuss your interest in more detail should you require it. However, no access is to be made without Carter Jonas or Severn Trent’s prior approval and to be accompanied and wearing appropriate PPE.
Are there any formal easements that will go under the ground?
Yes, in some cases there will be existing rights and easements. Please refer to the deeds contained in the legal pack prior to making any bids/offers. This will be available in the ‘Legal’ section.
Are the sites available as a whole, or can parts be broken up?
It is Severn Trent’s policy not to necessarily break off parts of sites unless it can be reasonably contained and there is a special reason to do so. Some of the Severn Trent former sewage works, reservoir sites will be sold as a whole for redevelopment purposes, in particular to accommodate future housing needs where appropriate. One off plot sales for parts of gardens, etc are not encouraged, unless the transaction costs are covered and it does not adversely affect potential redevelopment of the property.
How can I make an offer?
You can make an offer by submitting a bid via email to one of the Carter Jonas Agency team members. Contact details can be found on the specific property pages or on the ‘Contacts’ page. Alternatively please email or call on 07788 362 180. 
What if I am interested in a site that is not actively listed on this website, but believe is owned by Severn Trent Water Limited?
If the site you are enquiring about is confirmed to be owned by Severn Trent and is believed to be a redundant site, but is not listed on the website, we will make enquiries to see whether it is part of our disposal pipeline and will be coming forward for sale in the near future.
Should I use a surveyor to advise you?
Severn Trent and Carter Jonas' policy is we are acting for ourselves as vendors and where you are enquiring taking a lease or a purchase you should use a surveyor and legal adviser. If you are looking for a surveyor we suggest RICS ( qualified surveyors. You may also wish to take planning and architectural advice as appropriate.


What is an overage position?
In the vast majority of cases Severn Trent will include an overage provision which is a form of restrictive covenant allowing Severn Trent to share in any increases in value for future planning applications and development of the site. These will be dealt with by case by case, as set out in the details of the legal pack. However, generally there is a 60 year overage with up to 50% upside from Severn Trent.
What if I believe STW hold an overage on land that I own and could be triggered?
If you believe there to be a overage triggered on land formally owned by STW, please contact Jamie Kelly -  jamie.kelly' / 07788 362 180. Catrer Jonas reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £500 to review the information.
Are there any other restrictive covenants or easements on the sites?
This is dealt with on a site by site basis, but will be made clear in the legal documentation outlining any easement rights for pipes or access routes for telecoms or other purposes. Whilst there are some statutory rights under emergencies, where possible Severn Trent will look to obviously not use that and make clear of any rights that were needed for any operational equipment that could be on the site, or more likely to be positioned near the site.
What is the current use of the Severn Trent sites?
The majority of sites could be classified as sui generis or unalloacted. We recommend all interested parties seek advice from a planning professional or local planning department to consider ability for occupation or redevelopment.
Who is the Local Planning Authority and what are the regulations?
We are selling sites across the Severn Trent Midlands area. Separate details of the relevant planning authority will be given in each set of particular details. Occupation could be subject to planning and building control. We strongly recommend you seek professional advice in these areas.


What tax implications are there with a Severn Trent site?
The vast majority of the sites will not be elected for VAT. Where they are elected for VAT will make this explicitly clear and therefore VAT will be payable on rent or with a purchase sale price.

Other taxes, such as Capital Gains or Income Tax related to individual circumstances are not something we can comment or advice on.

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